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Changing DNS resolving entries in Systemd controlled systems

References: Make sure the resolvconf package is deinstalled. This resolvconf package is useful for ‘on-the-road’ Laptops but is an overkill and can create problems in Servers.apt-get remove resolvconfreboot Edit the systemd controlled resolved.conf mcedit /etc/systemd/resolved.conf [Resolve]DNS= 2001:4860:4860::8888 srv#LLMNR=no#MulticastDNS=no#DNSSEC=no#Cache=yes#DNSStubListener=yes Update systemd to the new edited resolved.conf systemctl daemon-reloadsystemctl restart systemd-networkdsystemctl restart systemd-resolved


Gmail problem with Thunderbird

The authentication problem encountered when creating a new Gmail account in Thunderbird can be solved as follows:Reference: 1. Set Thunderbird in safe mode If Thunderbird is not running: Start Thunderbird in Safe Mode by holding down the option key while starting the application.If Thunderbird is already running: At the top of the Thunderbird …


Installing BearExtender for Mac on Mac OSX 10.11(El Capitan)

These instructions are a mix of what I got from: Run the following instructions: Create a new directory for the downloads mkdir ~/BearExtender Put the following download in the directory called ~/BearExtender Download the BearExtender Kernel Extension from here: Get the BearExtender software Put the following download in the directory called ~/BearExtender …


Disabling Apple SIP Protection

Introduction: SIP protection defined by Apple as “technology in OS X El Capitan and later that’s designed to help prevent potentially malicious software from modifying protected files and folders.” It locks down the system extensions folder which makes it so driver applications like ours cannot write to that folder unless you disable SIP protection. For …


Decrypting Jotform encrypted CVS Files

Description:When the encryption is been activated for the JotForms, exports of the forms in CSV format are saved with almost all fields in RSA encrypted format. This script below allows to decrypt such CSV files. Problem:Since the private key is only saved at the JotForm user’s side, the JotForm server has no way of decrypting …


FTPS on command line using LFTP

# In Debian/Ubuntu, install LFTPapt-get install lftp # Create the configuration file in home directory of the user# eg. admin user will be running the program: cd /home/admintouch .lftprc (Content)set ftp:ssl-auth TLSset ftp:ssl-force trueset ftp:ssl-protect-list yesset ftp:ssl-protect-data yesset ftp:ssl-protect-fxp yesset ssl:verify-certificate no Command line to upload 2 files: software.txt and software2.txt cd /DATA/files/lftp user:PASSWORD@servername <<EOFput …


Solution for MySQL/MariaDB Field ‘xxx’ doesn’t have a default value

Situation:Using PhpMyAdmin I was trying to add a user and this error kept on coming up and I could not add the user. After some research here are 2 solutions: The following articles are so good and helpful that as soon as I saw them in Internet I wanted to copy them here. The first …

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GRUB on EUFI capable System

Introduction:New PCs are often equipped of the UEFI(Universal EFI) capable booting. Some SSD drives will even not boot in Linux the Legacy MBR mode. So in order to make the PC boot properly we need to:– Create an EFI Partition– Install GRUB(Boot loader) on it Create the EFI Partition:Create an EFI capable Boot partition of …


Unassign a software RAID member volume to become again a normal volume.

Situation:I had assigned the drive partition (/dev/sdb1) to a Linux Software RAID disk group. Now I want to take out this drive from the software RAID group and use it as a normal drive. Since the drive has been assigned to a group simply trying to use it as a normal drive by re-partitioning and …


Solving the Running /scripts/local-block loop while booting in linux

Problem: Linux booting and taking a long time while looping with the script: /scripts/local-block Reason: Linux boot needs to know the UUID of the Swap file it tries to mount. Solution:Run the command:blkidand get the UUID of the Swap file.Run the command:nano /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resumeThis file doesn’t exist. It will then be created.Add the following line as …

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Minimize the Digests shown Headers in Mailman 2.1.xx

Problem: Digests in Mailman are composed of a lots of unneeded headers which clutter the messages. Solution: Edit the Mailman configuration file manually as follows: WARNING !!!: These headers are part of a the ‘RFC 1153’ which if changed can have unpredictable or unwanted effects. So here I kept the headers: Date:, From:, Subject:, Keywords(if …

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Configuring Domain Relaying with ISPConfig 3.1.xx

Intention: Redirect (reroute) specific email addresses via, for example, an SMTP service: Steps: – Enter the destination domain in the Advanced Routing Table (Email ==> Email Accounts/Email Routing) – Enter the same destination domain in the (Email ==> Global Filters / Relay Recipients) as @domain Example: eg. rerouting all emails of destination domain via …

Email, Linux, Postfix

No Type list in ISPConfig 3.1.11

Problem: The brand new version of ISPConfig 3.1.11 when I add or modify an email transport, no value is displayed anymore on “type”. Solution: Ref: Edit /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/mail/mail_transport_edit.php Change this line: $app->tpl->setVar($rec, null, true); to this: $app->tpl->setVar($rec); and should work again.

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Resetting MySQL/MariaDB root password in Ubuntu 16.04/18.04

Introduction: In case you have forgotten the ‘root’ password in MySQL/MariaDB(10.0.x) you can reset the password as follows: Ref: STEPS: Stop the currently running MySQL/MariaDB service mysql stop Start MySQL/MariaDB in non-protected mode: mysqld_safe –skip-grant-tables –skip-networking & Login as root in MySQL/MariaDB mysql -u root Set the new root password: For MySQL Previous to …