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Undeleting a directory from SVN repository

Situation: A directory had been deleted a while ago from the repository and we want it back without interfering with commits that were since made in other parts of the repository, and without having to have the repository in the workspace. Reference: Solution: – Find out which revision of the commit it was that …

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Rebuild a mirror SVN from a master repository

There are a few ways to create a mirror SVN repository from a master repository. Some are slower than others but all of the ones mentioned below are reliable. The standard way: (All operations below are done on the mirror server) – Delete the old mirror repository – svnadmin create {path of repo} – svnsync …

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SVN + WebSVN(SSL) Installation in Debian Squeeze

These instructions show how to install the SVN system and the WebSVN via Apache SSL connection. These instructions don’t explain much, I hope your are Linux/Apache savvy enough to understand them. Install the needed Debian packages apt-get install subversion libapache2-svn openssl ssl-cert a2enmod ssl a2enmod dav_svn Everything in the dav_svn.conf configuration file is already disabled. …