Debian Wheezy does offer the installation of the full (a bit old)shinken, BUT it doesn’t offer the Installation of the WebUI.
Here is a better way to install everything including pnp4nagios and check_mk in one go:

Install Shinken
wget -O /tmp/
cd /tmp && sh

Configure shinken
vim /usr/local/shinken/etc/shinken-specific.cfg
Change the http://YOURSERVERNAME/ in:
define module {
module_name GRAPHITE_UI
module_type graphite_webui
templates_path /usr/local/shinken/share/templates/graphite/

Because of a bug in the stop arbiter script we need to make some tiny changes:
Edit /usr/local/shinken/bin/
change the line
kill $(cat "$DIR"/../var/
kill $(cat "$DIR"/../var/

Unfortunately the process skonf doesn’t want to stop when I run the script: /usr/local/shinken/bin/
So we need to doctor the script:
vim /usr/local/shinken/bin/
Change the following:
kill $(cat "$DIR"/../var/
kill -9 $(ps aux | grep skonf.cfg | grep -v 'grep' | awk '{print $2}')

Start the whole shinken
cd /usr/local/shinken/bin


Change the password of the admin user:
cd /usr/local/shinken/etc/
htpasswd htpasswd.users admin

Now connect to the WebUI

In browser:
To Stop all the services
To de-install shinken
cd /usr/local/shinken/
./install -u

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