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Extending dynamically Linux RAMs in VMWare VM without rebooting

Situation: Need to raise the amount of RAM in a VMWare VM without rebooting. Solution: – In VMWare interface: Raise the amount of RAM for the VM – In the Linux VM: Run the following script: #!/bin/bash # This script enables in system the unrecognized RAMs deleteline () { echo -ne $dellineup } ### check …

Linux, VMWare, XEN

Update the number of CPU dynamically in a VMWare VM

Situation: I’ve come across a situation where I needed to LIVE-raise the number of CPUs for a VMWAre Linux VM without having to reboot. Solution: – In VMAre ris the number of CPUs – In the Linux VM do the following: – Save the following script into /root/bin/ directory (It was take from this article: …

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Hard disk resize and sync without rebooting

Description: Sometimes I need to resize a virtual disk for a virtual machine without having to reboot the machine. For the kernel to recognize that a virtual disk has changed size. Here are the step to do that: Unmount the concerned partition: Eg. /dev/sdb1 umount /dev/sdb1 Find out which SCSI devices are involved: ls /sys/class/scsi_device/ …