In order to install a OS X Mavericks completely fresh on a new hard disk from scratch, here are the recommended steps:
1 – Get the from Apple in Internet.
2 – Create an OSX Mavericks Install USB stick from this APP
3 – Reformat the destination hard disk in Mac OS Extended (Journalled)
4 – Reboot the computer holding the Option key(alt) and boot from the external stick
5 – Chose Install OS X and follow the instructions.

For the moment I will only explain the step 2:
Create an OS X Mavericks Install USB stick from the Maverick Install APP:
Find out where you downloaded the Maverick_install APP and use it in the Terminal command as follows:
– Maverick OS X Install App download Path: /Volumes/DATA2/
– USB Stick path: /Volumes/USB20FD

Start the Terminal application and issue the following command:
sudo /Volumes/DATA2/ --volume /Volumes/USB20FD --applicationpath /Volumes/DATA2/ --nointeraction

The whole command and results results should look like this:
sudo /Volumes/DATA2/ --volume /Volumes/USB20FD --applicationpath --nointeraction
Erasing Disk: 0%... 10%... 20%... 30%...100%...
Copying installer files to disk...
Copy complete.
Making disk bootable...
Copying boot files...
Copy complete.