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GlusterFS, Linux

Installing GlusterFS 3.6 in Ubuntu 14.04 Server LTS

Note: In case you have an regular(3.0.5-1) version of GlusterFS to upgrade, it is recommended to run the following command in order to make sure the older version gets cleaned-up does not interfere with the new one. apt-get purge glusterfs-client glusterfs-server Depending on whether you have Debian or Ubuntu use one of the following installations: …


Synchronization of directories with GlusterFS between 2 Debian/Ubuntu hosts

There are many methods existing on the market to synchronize content of directories between hosts. eg. rsync, lsyncd, duplicity etc. The most difficult part though is bidirectionally synchronize them so that no conflicts occur. One method is using the program Unison which works well but if a file gets modified differently on both servers between …