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Installing ISPConfig automatically in new Ubuntu 20.04 server

Intro: I just rented a new Ubuntu 20.04 virtual server in Hetzner and wanted to install ISPConfig 3.2 on it. This command will do the whole work automatically and leave you with a full configured ISP Server and present its credentials. References: Information copied from the following site: (Thanks for the good work) Warning: …

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Minimize the Digests shown Headers in Mailman 2.1.xx

Problem: Digests in Mailman are composed of a lots of unneeded headers which clutter the messages. Solution: Edit the Mailman configuration file manually as follows: WARNING !!!: These headers are part of a the ‘RFC 1153’ which if changed can have unpredictable or unwanted effects. So here I kept the headers: Date:, From:, Subject:, Keywords(if …

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Changing the mailman subscribers ‘moderation’ bit on the command line

Intro: In my mailman installation with over 3K subscribers I could not find why the web interface didn’t allow me to change the ‘moderation’ bit of subscribers, or any other property. So I found this tool which allows me to the ‘moderation’ bit for any subscriber using the command line. Sinc ethe Python module for …