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Windows XP, Vista or 7 tips and tricks

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Using Postfix to deliver mail using SMTP Authentication

Reference: Open or create the /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd file, using your favorite text editor: Add your destination (SMTP Host), username, and password in the following format: If you want to specify a non-default TCP Port (such as 587), then use the following format: Create the hash db file for Postfix by running the postmap command: If …


Reset Administrator password in Windows XP

Reference URL: Steps: Recover Windows XP Administrative Password The first step in recovering your Windows XP password is to reboot your computer in safe mode. You can do this by restarting your computer and repeatedly pressing F8 as the computer loads. Once in safe mode, click on Start > Run. In the box that …

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Testing SSL Connections with SSLyze, Nmap or OpenSSL

Introduction: OpenSSL is a great tool to check SSL connections to servers. The difficulty here is when one want a full scan of all possible SSL Cyphers and protocols used by a server. That is where SSLyze comes in handy. This tool is a Python script which will scan the target host/port for SSL handshake …

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Can’t connect to VSFTPD with Filezilla

Problem: Because of some incompatibility of the default use of cyphers in VSFTPD FileZilla cannot connect to it. Solution: Edit the VSFTPD configuration file /etc/vsftpd.conf and add the following directive: ssl_ciphers=HIGH Restart VSFTPD server and use the default settings for new FTP connection with incryption of ‘explicit FTP over TLS’.

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Speeding up Firefox Browser

Google Chrome has now eclipsed Mozilla Firefox in the speed category. However, I still use Firefox as my main web browser because it is still better than Chrome in certain areas. But just recently, I tried a few tweaks that significantly improved the speed of Firefox making it a little bit snappier than the latest …