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pygrub: Unable to find partition containing kernel

Introduction: Lately after I upgraded many packages in a Xen 4.4 DOMU VM the pygrub could not boot the VM any more. During the security update, the installed grub2(grup-pc), which never created any problems before with pygrub, got updated and suddenly it did create problems to boot the VM. Here is the error message I …

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Creating a XEN machine and Installing Group Office in Debian Wheezy

Introduction In this Tutorial I will explain the steps I did to create a Xen Virtual Machine with minimal packages and then install the latest Group Office Web based Collaboration software. You’ll need to be fluent in Linux and Xen because I don’t explain much here. Note: My hypervisor is Xen 4.0 in Debian Squeeze …

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Assigning CPUs to Xen virtual Machines

Introduction: I’m renting a 8 CPU machine at Hetzner and I wanted to improve the performance. At the beginning I was distributing many CPUs to the virtual machines which needed it and less cpus to others. This included that some cpus would be shared by more than one Xen virtual machine. I noticed that the …