Creating SOCKS Web Proxy using SSH


It is known that one can use SSH to create a Tunnel but SSH has more tricks in its sleeves. It can be used to create a SOCKS based Web proxy.
The full explanation is really clearly shown in this article: Thanks to the author for that.

Prerequisites: A Linux server in Internet with SSH service running which will be used as SOCKS Proxy.

Desktop Browser+SSH(localhost) ==>> Internet SSH Server( ==>> World Wide Web


In the desktop terminal: run the following SSH command.

ssh -D 1337 -q -C -N -f

(the command will look like ‘stuck’ but it’s doing its job of proxying in the background)

In the browser:
Set the Web Browser Proxy configuration to:
Proxy type: SOCKS V5
SOCKS Host: localhost
Port: 1337

That’s it.

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