Updated : Mar 24, 2016 in Apache

Using HTTPS as proxy backend in Apache 2.4

Introduction: In Apache 2.4 in a Vhost in order to be able to proxy to a backend with HTTPS using either a self-signed or expired…

Updated : Mar 09, 2016 in Apache

Testing SSL Connections with SSLyze, Nmap or OpenSSL

Introduction: OpenSSL is a great tool to check SSL connections to servers. The difficulty here is when one want a full scan of all possible…

Updated : Dec 17, 2015 in Apache

Issue free and CA signed SSL certificates for web servers from LetsEncrypt

Introduction: SSL Certificates provide two functions: 1. Authentication 2. Encryption Encryption can be achieved without authentication but, for some reason, someone decided to join them…

Updated : Dec 10, 2015 in Apache

Creating a web certificate CSR file.

The process of buying an SSL certificate for a web site is usually as follows: - You create a secret key and CSR files using…

Updated : Nov 06, 2015 in Apache

Configuring HAproxy load balancer in Ubuntu 14.04

Goal: In this example HTTP requests are proxied directly as HTTP requests to the HTTP web servers. In the case of HTTPS requests, they are…

Updated : Oct 17, 2015 in Apache

Installing pure-ftpd in Debian/Ubuntu

Difficulty with FTP servers and firewall: If you configure a firewall for a host which runs an FTP server you normally need to leave the…

Updated : Aug 26, 2015 in Apache

Fine tune Ubuntu TCP stack for web server

The following tips taken from the site will help reduce the TCP latency of Ubuntu as a web server : http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-tcp-tuning/    

Updated : Aug 25, 2015 in Apache

Limiting the number of connected clients on a VirtualHost in Apache

Problem: When a DDOS attack or a burst of requests are coming at the same time in my Apache2 Web server, the whole server can…

Updated : Aug 24, 2015 in Apache

Using mod_cluster in Apache

The newly discovered Apache module mod_cluster seems to offer many advantages compared to mod_jk which could be used in the new Apache/Jboss environment. The following…

Updated : Aug 24, 2015 in Apache

Configuring Apache to handle WebSocks

WebSocks is supported by Apache starting at version 2.4.xx. Here are some minimal configuration for Apache 2.4.xx. in Ubuntu 14.04.x Install the proper modules: a2enmod…