If you can’t login as root from the Xen console on a DomU then do the following:

– stop the DomU
– Mounted it on a directory through loop
mount -o loop,rw /where/my/DomU/image.is /mnt/domu/
– chroot to it
chroot /mnt/domu/
– Install the udev package. (it complains at the end..but no worry)
apt-get install udev
– Add the following mount in /etc/fstab
none /dev/pts devpts defaults 0 0
– Edit the file /etc/securetty and add the following lines:
# Standard hypervisor virtual console
# Oldstyle Xen console

Execute the command:
mkdir /dev/pts
– exit from chroot
– unmount the loop
umount /mnt/domu
– restart the DomU
xm create /etc/xen/mydomu.cfg
Now try to login.It worked for me.

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