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19 Jun 11 Getting wireless Broadcom BCM4313 to work in Linux Mint 11

Unfortunately as of today June 19, the repository drivers of Wireless Broadcom BCM4313(wl.ko) don’t work well at all in Linux Mint 11. After making some research on Google I found out that there are new Linux drivers provided by the manufacturer Broadcom that simply need to be downloaded and installed. I did it and it worked … with a small adjustment. Here is what to do:
Note: I used the following references for this HOWTO:
1) Although the driver doesn’t work well, install the driver anyway for Broadcom STA wireless BCM4313 from:
Mint Menu ==>> ‘Control Center’ ==>> ‘Additional drivers’
and make sure you activate it after download and installation.

2) Download the latest driver from:

3) Uncompress the tar.gz file into a new directory.
mkdir -p /usr/src/bcmwl-
tar fvxz hybrid-portsrc_*.tar.gz -C /usr/src/bcmwl-
cd /usr/src/bcmwl-

4) To prepare your system for compiling the driver, execute the following commands:
apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-generic
apt-get build-dep linux

5) To avoid a small problem when compiling, modify the source code of the following file:
/usr/src/bcmwl- around line 485
#ifndef init_MUTEX

6) Compile the driver with the commands:
cd /usr/src/bcmwl-
make clean

6) Replace the Mint Broadcom driver with the newly compiled one using these commands. (Replace the {kernelversion} with your actual kernel version)
rmmod wl
mv /lib/modules/{kernelversion}/updates/wl.ko /lib/modules/{kernelversion}/updates/wl.ko.original
cp /usr/src/bcmwl- /lib/modules/{kernelversion}/updates/
modprobe wl

That’s it.
Enjoy your new WLAN connections.

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