Updated : Oct 28, 2016 in MAC OS X

Activating TRIM support for non-Apple SSDs

For a long time since the SSDs have appeared on the market, Apple had as default disabled the TRIP support for the SSDs IF the SSD was not manufactured from Apple. Thad certainly didn’t quite pleased the Mac users who wanted to upgrade their Macs with a non-Apple SSD. The company Cindori has since offered for free a tool called Trim Enabler which patched a kernel module that would overcome this limitation and got really successful with it, even after Apple has tried to block this by preventing a kernel module to load if it had been modified. Interestingly enough apparently since version OSX 10.10.4 Apple itself has felivered with the system a tool that would allow a user to enable TRIP support: trimforce. You run the tool in a terminal under sudo. Apple says explicitly that they don’t give any support for that tool if anything goes wrong, but since they have created it and offered it to users, there is no reason to believe that anything would go wrong with it.
NOTE: One has to have administrator rights to be able to run such tool though.

So here is how to use it:
Applications –>> Utilities –>> Terminal
in Terminal run the commands:
To enable TRIM support. You give your password and then you reboot the system for it to take effect
sudo trimforce enable
(to disable TRIM support. You give your password and then you reboot the system for it to take effect)
sudo trimforce disable
To verify the TRIM support:
Top Left Apple Logo –>> About this Mac –>> System Report(button) –>> SATA/SATA Express
Select the SSD in question and under TRIM Support it should be: Yes
TRIM Support: Yes

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