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Mail Server Postfix Tricks

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Installing OpenDKIM in Debian Squeeze/Wheezy

Introduction Lately my mail server started to get refusals of emails from large mailing systems like AOL, Yahoo etc. I can’t blame them for trying to minimize the SPAMS to their clients. Although using an approved relay service is a good solution, if you want to take care of it yourself here is OpenDKIM at …

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‘blocked by Verizon Online’s anti-spam system…’ OR ‘AOL: refused to talk to me: 554- (RTR:BL)’ OR ‘AT&T: blocked by ldap:ou=rblmx,dc=att,dc=net’

Lately I’ve been confronted with the following error messages from my Postfix server form AOL, Verizon or AT&T: VERIZON: ‘blocked by Verizon Online’s anti-spam system… AOL: refused to talk to me: 554- (RTR:BL)…. AT&T: blocked by ldap:ou=rblmx,dc=att,dc=net…. Moreover after trying to get my server on the whitelist it seemed almost impossible or quite a long …

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intermitent dovecot imap login problem

I set-up dovecot as mail pic-up server for IMAP and POP3. If I left my webmail(roundcube) interface running on my browser, I experienced very often that as soon as I started an Apple mail product (iPad,iPhone or Mail on OSX the IMAP complained that my login failed and asked for typing my password. Normally the …

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Configuring vacation response on incoming emails

This configuration is made to respond to each incoming email by an automated message. It is inspired from the site: In Debian: Install the package vacation apt-get install vacation Assumptions: System User: marie Email address: Configuration: Initialize the database file ~/.vacation.db sudo -u marie vacation -I Create the following 2 files in the …

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Running Postfix on multiple ports

Reference: The following Tip is been taken from the following forum: Description: Some ISPs, for some strange reasons, are blocking the port 25, therefore preventing many normal email clients software from picking-up their emails from other mail servers than their own ISP’s server. Solution: Making sure Postfix on your mail server listens on both …

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Using TLS for mail delivery from postfix to another TLS activated mail server

Introduction: The default encryption method for delivering email from Postfix to another mail server is ‘NONE’ In certain cases for enhanced security reasons emails for certain destinations should be encrypted all the way: Meaning: Client 1 ==(TLS)==> Postfix Server ==TLS==> Other email Server ==SSL/TLS==> Client 2 In this case we cannot influence the way the …